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The end on all Dreams

Marjut Moisala is a Finnish clairvoyant and writer, having 7 books published in Finnish during 2000 – 2012. In this book, “The End of All Dreams”, a spiritual guide who calls himself Adamon appears to her and starts unwinding the hidden secrets of a crystal skull that stores ancient wisdom. Adamon gives no mercy for ego and speaks directly to the spirit within us. 

His subjects are love, freedom and finding the real self within us. He questions our ego’s beliefs and turns new age
myths upside down.

“Duality is a part of the phenomenal world, but it is not a creation of God. God created only you but it is you who created the world.” According to Adamon, world is an opposite to the spirit and like a prolonged dream. We are dreaming, not only when sleeping, but also when we are “awake”. Our whole life, or lives, is just going through different levels of dream. Hardly ever we are really awake. 

So how to wake up? “Love and forgiving are the only means”.

About the purpose of life Adamon teaches: “When you are separated from love, you are asking for purpose. When you are love, you are the purpose.”

This book has been an eye-opening experience to many readers,
making them question their beliefs about life and themselves and
provoking real spiritual awareness on contrary of the all too
familiar, nice and easy channeled new age texts coming out everywhere
these days. The readers of “A Course In Miracles”, and “The
Disappearance of the Universe” may already have a clue about what Adamon is teaching us.

Keywords: Non-dualism, Advaita, A Course in Miracles, enlightenment.


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